BLU Vivid Vanilla Disposable E-Cigarette | 24mg Pack of 1


  • Vanilla blu Disposable E-Cigarette Key Features

    • blu Disposable E Cigarette, Vivid Vanilla Flavor
    • Each disposable e-cigarette is available in 24mg (2.4%) nicotine level only
    • Non-Rechargeable, charged and ready to vape
    • Each e-cigarette is equal to approximately two packets of traditional cigarettes according to manufacturer
    • Blue tipped LED light illuminates when you draw on the cigarettes
    • No assembly required

    About blu Vivid Vanilla Disposable E-Cigarettes

    Smooth and easy to vape, this ready to use BLU disposable comes in a great flavor. Fully charged and ready to use right away, it doesn’t get any more convenient.

    blu Disposables

    This is an ideal way to keep take your blu ecigs out and about without having the need to recharge them. They also take up less room in your pockets. Being a disposable e-cigarette, there is the added convenience that you can simply dispose of it as you see fit when you have finished with it (Note: they are made from recyclable material, so please consider the environment when doing so). Some users also prefer to take disposables out and about with them as in cases of a lost ecig, you’re not having to buy a whole new starter kit.



1 x Disposable Vape from Leap Vape


Blue, Gold, Rainbow, Stainless Steel


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