BLU Disposable Cherry Crush | 24mg Pack of 1


    • blu Disposable E Cigarette, Cherry Crush Flavor
    • Each disposable e-cigarette is available in a high 24mg (2.4%) nicotine level only
    • Each ecig comes ready-charged and ready to vape
    • blu disposable ecigs require no assembly
    • Each e-cigarette is equal to approx. two packets of traditional cigarettes
    • Blue tipped LED light illuminates when you draw on the cigarettes

    About Cherry Crush Flavor by blu

    The sweetest of the blu ecigs range in disposable form. This newly-formulated flavor gives a delicious tangy burst of cherry flavor, unlike any smokeless cigarette you’ve tried before. Cherry Crush by blu Cigs has gained in popularity for its ability to satisfy throughout the day. Some sweet flavors are vaped in small amounts, but this disposable e-cigarette has developed quite a following around the world for its delivery of a not-too-overbearing cherry taste.


    blu Disposables

    The disposable e-cigarette range by blu is both convenient and sleek. You needn’t worry about the potentially large loss of losing a starter kit if you take out a disposable on your travels. These elegant black ecigs will seemingly unnoticed in your pocket, and when they’re finished and the blue glow on the end starts flashing, you can simply discard them at your leisure (Please note: they’re made from recyclable material, so please consider the planet when doing this).


    blu Disposable Ingredients:

    These non-rechargeable ecigs contain nicotine, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, natural and artificial flavors and distilled water.



1 x Disposable Vape from Leap Vape


Blue, Gold, Rainbow, Stainless Steel


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